There are more and more competitions and awards for the third year of college. Tang Yingzhi is seeing him off at the school gate. This time, he is going to take part in a competition held by the China Art Association, which will last three days. Tang Yingzhi reluctantly released Dong Yihang's hand and watched him get on the school bus. "Don't worry, I'll be back in a few days." Dong Yihang waved with a smile. The next afternoon, Tang Yingzhi was happy to wait for Dong Yihang at the school gate to come back. They just got on the phone and he won the first prize. Now people have boarded the car and come back in less than an hour. But I didn't see the school bus for more than an hour. Tang Yingzhi made a phone call but no one answered. Then the teacher in the class hurriedly drove out. "Tang Yingzhi, why are you still waiting here? Dong Yihang has a car accident. Get in the car and come to the hospital." Tang Yingzhi's heart suddenly mentioned the voice and eyes, and immediately got on the teacher's car and went to the hospital. To the hospital Dong Yihang is still in the rescue, a few hours later Dong Yihang was pushed out of the rescue room. Multiple fractures of the whole body, severe concussion, visual nerve damage, neurogenic blindness, that is to say, it will never be seen again. Looking at Dong Yihang on the sickbed, Tang Yingzhi doesn't know how to tell him all this when he wakes up, and then he bursts into tears!